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    So You Want To Join Noir. Academy...

    Noir. Academy was founded in September of 2009 as a response to many requests from younger, and inexperienced pilots to be taught the ways of Noir. and learn the basics of PVP.

    Through determination and discipline we will teach you PVP and mercenary life from the smallest skirmish to the largest battles, learning how to destroy unsuspecting targets and evading the void yourselves. Designed specifically to train any willing pilot wishing to join the ranks of Noir., but who lacks sufficient PVP experience, the Noir. Academy offers to teach you the combined tactics, experiences and skills of the best instructors and pilots from Noir. The aim is to provide a seamless link from any experience level to valued member of our member corps.

    Noir. Academy Minimum Requirements:
    • A passion and patience for learning
    • Willingness to PVP, to kill and be killed.
    • Mature personality and professional demeanor
    • Ability to use voice comms
    • Able to fly an armor and shield cruiser.
    • Understanding of basic game mechanics
    • Fly at least 10-15 or more hours a week.

    Noir.'s "Rules":
    • No "Smack" in local. Talking in local is fine. Smacking is not. If you don't know the difference you probably won't fit in.
    • Same rule as above for the EVE-O and Scrapheap or any other EVE related forums. No smack, conversation is fine.
    • Only other forum rule is that at no time will any member of Noir. discuss an ongoing contract in a public forum.
    • Be respectful of the customer at all times.
    • Be respectful to each other. Joking around is fine, but Drama will not be tolerated.
    • Lowsec 'piracy' is fine but you must keep your sec status above -2.0. No exceptions.
    • No can flipping, see above. You are, however, welcome to bait can flippers to your heart's content.
    • No use of 'wreck' mechanics to deliberately provoke PVP.
    • No use of 'logoffski' to avoid losing your ship at a gate/station/whatever. Likewise, no Self-Destructing to avoid giving enemies a kill-mail.
    • Students are not to be in the alliance contract areas unless authorized by leadership.

    All time zones are welcome in NA.

    When you create your forum account make sure you create it with your full in-game character name.

    When applying to join please use this form and create the topic as [NA.] “your name here”. Copy/Paste it into a new post in this forum and fill it out as completely as possible. Will be moved to our private forums and reviewed:

    Once you have applied join the channel "Cafe Noir." and talk to Psianh Auvyander or another recruiter for an interview.

    Outline of forum posting should be (This is not optional):

    Character Name:

    Brief description of yourself:

    How did you hear about us?

    Are you the original owner of this character?

    Is this your main?

    Total Skillpoints:

    Ships you can fly:

    Ships you enjoy flying:

    Detail your PVP Experience:

    What role do you like to fill in gang, what do you like to do:

    Killboard links (Mandatory Item, use Zkillboard if you don't have another one):

    Please link an EVEboard for your character:

    Do you have a working microphone and are you willing to be on Teamspeak at all times when logged in during operations:

    Previous Corporations and Alliances you were in:

    Why you are leaving your current corporation:

    Explain any stays less than 2 months with prior corporations:

    What is it that got you interested in becoming a Mercenary:

    What timezone are you in (EU, US, AU, etc.):

    What is your primary playtime (in EVE time please):

    How many hours a week do you play:

    Where do you see yourself in EVE in 1 year:

    Do you have any hobbies we might find interesting:

    Once an application is being processed it will be moved to our recruiters discussion area. If your thread has vanished that means it's being looked at by a recruiter. Please also make sure you've joined our channel in game: Cafe Noir. (make sure you include the .)

    If you try to contact us prior to filling this form out you will just be referred back to this post and rules (above) to read and apply. If you just have general questions about the corporation any member who is in that channel should be able to answer most of them.
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